Copyright court proceedings are not unusual since copyright infringement is perhaps the most common type of intellectual property infringement. In many instances you will not have to go to court to protect your rights, but can simply request that for instance, the infringing material be removed from the Internet. It is only when a party fails to comply or openly disputes your copyright ownership where court proceedings will be necessary to enforce your rights and get compensation for damages. You should note that court proceedings are expensive and can take years before a final outcome. As such intellectual property attorneys such as Smit & Van Wyk assist clients in protecting their intellectual property rights as far as possible to deter infringement.

Should infringement take place, you can be assured that we have an experienced team of litigators to handle the court proceedings. In most instances, settlement outside the court can be reached and thus costs kept to a minimum. One area where you will benefit from our expertise outside court is that of legal advice regarding intellectual properties. Take for instance, photography where a small business may present photos taken on the Internet.

It is essential to take steps to prevent copyright infringement. One of the most common used ways is that of adding the full copyright notice to each photo as well as watermark protecting the picture. Right click can be disabled as well. In addition the business owner can use software to scan the Internet on a regular basis to determine whether anyone has copied and used the photographs without proper permission. Should it be found the case, there are procedures that can be followed without having to go to court right away to get the infringer to stop using the photos.

Should you however, want to claim damages you will need to follow the normal court and legal procedures. Contact us at Smit & Van Wyk Intellectual Property Attorneys to assist with any infringement cases and court proceedings.