Copyright lawsuits are more common than most business owners realize. In the USA mass copyright lawsuits against sharers of files have reached the total of 10 000. Infringers are people who have shared files or have downloaded files without proper authorisation. Google is on the forefront of trying to minimize lawsuits by means of censoring of keywords which relate to specific infringements with their auto-completion function.

To prevent further lawsuits search engines must comply with the regulations stipulating that once they have received a DMCA notice that they must remove the specific results or web pages that may link to copyright protected material immediately. With such then also come more lawsuits against educational institutions where lecturers make copyright protected work available to students without proper authorization of the copyright holders for doing so. With the possibility of tremendous financial losses and image damage as well as to prevent lawsuits educational institutions are now taking action against such lecturers.

More troubling though is the massive downloading occurrences at campuses where students use the educational facility network resources to download and share copyright protected material. For the younger generation, not yet fully aware of all the copyright laws, lawsuits seem something which will not apply to them. The mere fact that in the USA alone more than 10 000 mass lawsuits have been filed against file sharers, should become a wake-up call. Tough actions are now taken by educational institutions against students who copy and share from the Internet.

It is recommended that lecturers, small business owners, and educational facilities get legal advice regarding what is permissible and what not to prevent infringement lawsuits. Smit & Van Wyk Intellectual Property Attorneys has an extensive team of attorneys to handle lawsuits on behalf of clients and to give the required guidance as to prevent copyright infringement. Contact us for assistance today.