Copyright protection in China

Recent events in China has shown that copyright protection in the country is still inadequate. Widespread infringement of copyright protected works in the country is a problem which needs to be addressed. China is not the only country struggling with copyright infringement issues. It has become a worldwide occurrence because of the ease of copying brought about through the Internet. There are now software and online applications available to improve copyright protection on the Internet.


With a service such as Copyscape, website owners can quickly determine whether the article they have bought is indeed not copied in any way, but completely original. With such a service you can also detect whether someone copied from your website. Several other services have been developed whereby professional SEO’s and also lawyers scan the Internet and remove any copied content immediately. It is still difficult to enforce copyright protection for works on the Internet because there are no national boundaries on the Internet. With such then the infringer can be in a far off country and in some instances the only communication will be via email.

Remove Copied Content

Fortunately certain procedures are in place to contact the infringer and request removal of the content. With the national laws differing slightly on copyright protection, one still has the problem of lawsuits and the validity of such to get compensation for the infringement. The expertise of intellectual property attorneys becomes rather useful under such circumstances. Due to the international nature of the Internet, the procedures to follow regarding copyright protection infringement differ from the normal legal steps. The main aim is to get the infringer to remove content and to ensure the integrity of your work on the Internet. All is not lost though, and should you find that your website content has been copied you can contact us at Smit & Van Wyk to take steps ensuring adequate copyright protection for your work.