There is a lot of confusion regarding copyright and blogging and some of it is caused by misinformation that is spread on the web. Most bloggers are also not interested in copyright issues. Bloggers must have at least the basic knowledge of copyright to protect themselves online. Here are a few tips regarding copyright and blogging:

  1. Changing a few words does not make it new
    Just because work is not identical to the original does not mean it is not an infringement.
  2. You Can not Copyright names or ideas
    Names fall under the trademark law, which deals with logos, company names and slogans.
    Ideas fall under patent law which deals with inventions and gadgets.
  3. Fair Use
    Fair use is determined on a case-by-case basis and not by any hard rules. There are some uses that are fair and others that are not.
  4. If it is Saved / Published, it has Copyright
    There is no requirement to register your work for it to be copyright because your work has copyright the moment it is fixed in a tangible medium of expression, such as saved or published.

All works you encounter on the internet have copyright and treat them as such.