Online copyright is not only relevant to information and articles on the Internet, but are also used on images and photographs. Many people do not respect the online copyright associated with images. As such you may need to take some extra protection steps to ensure online copyright regarding your photos is not infringed.

How to deter people from stealing images from your website and thus maximize the protection of online copyright regarding your photos.

Watermarking your images is one of the easiest and effective ways to protect against image theft. If people do steal them you will have proof that the images protected by online copyright belong to you. There are two known methods of watermarking images used commonly – namely visible and invisible. The first method of visible watermarking requires you stating that the image is protected under online laws for copyright and belongs to you along with the copyright symbol. The second method of watermarking entails the same information placed in the coding of the image along with a notice of online copyright. The person stealing the image may have ignored or cropped out the visible watermark, but may not realise that there is an invisible part of the image.

The next method of stopping people from stealing your images is the disabling of right click on your website. This can be done by adding an anti-right click script to your website’s coding. This method will bring up a message saying that the images and information on this website are protected by means of online copyright. The image will appear whenever someone tries to right click. This method is also not entirely full proof, but is effective most of the time and the person is warned beforehand about the online copyrights governing these images. For more information or assistance on the subject contact us.